September 26, 2017

The squirrels are busy, the blue jays passing through, the garden done.  I left with raging forest fires filling the valley with smoke and returned to autumn.  Been lighting my wood cook stove.  Stayed home and avoided everything for a few days.  There is always a re-entry moment with travel.  Now I need to get back to “normal” life.  Everyone asks about Newfoundland.  About travel, I would say it is hard.  People of my vintage have sleep and bowel issues often, and I have strategies for them at home which I couldn’t really take with me.  So I was somewhat sleep deprived etc. but there wasn’t much stress when all we had to do is find somewhere for breakfast, drive somewhere else for lunch and then somewhere for dinner and take in a few things in between.  Move almost every night.  The major glitch was a flat tire in the middle of nowhere on a rainy Sunday, no spare.  All my life I have had car angels and one showed up who took us to a man who plugged the hole for us.  Everyone loves Newfoundland.  I fell in love with a couple of towns (for those in the know, they were Trinity and Woody Point).  And the west side in the Gros Morne Park is spectacular topography.  Its big.  Would take at least a month to see all I would want to see.  Kayaking would be good. The people are great, the food and coffee terrible.  My friend & I did well to be in each other’s company 24/7 for 2 weeks.  I’m sleeping well, still tired, and enjoying good coffee!   Some snippets on the last page.   wh

Harvest Festival happens at Lucerne School on Wednesday, Sept. 27 from 9:00 am until 1:30 pm.  No zucchini races this year but ponies instead!  Also, bicycle powered smoothies, apple pressing, face painting, free soup and bread from the cob oven and a seed saving demonstration with Patrick Steiner of Stellar Seeds. Bring harvest baking to share and baskets of produce for the Harvest Display.  Awards this year for: Best Garden Sketch, Fruit and Veggie Art, Flower Bouquet, Prettiest Preserves, Creepiest Vegetable, and Biggest Pumpkin!  Help us put the garden to bed. The more the merrier.  Everyone is welcome!

For Sale:  Winter tires: four 205/70 R15 100R XL Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires for Honda CR-V, on rims. Used one winter for occasional trips to Nelson. $300 obo. 250 358-2666

For Sale:  heavy duty boat trailer.  tilt-bed, 14 in. tires, wood bunk, center rollers, utility grey.  for 12-16 ft. boats. $295.  250-358-7195.

The Talking Spade: Garden Lore from North Slocan Elders has been reprinted. Copies at Raven’s Nest or from Anne @ 358-2666, $25.

Lost – Extension ladder (was in 2 separate pieces), Sept 11 between New Denver and Nelson.  One piece was seen on the road at the viewpoint before Red Mountain Road. 250-358-2729.

Friday, September29 – 10 am to 2 pm – Federal MP, Richard Cannings’ “Pop-up Constituency Office” will set up at the Outlet Youth Centre – Main St., New Denver.  Staff will be on hand to help with any federal programs you may need assistance with. Contact Gina at 1-800-667-2393 or Email: to make an appointment or get more info.

At Father Sun Farms
CHICKEN:  Whole frozen chicken available on the farm NOW! Not fed corn or soy and no GMOs. Raised organically on pasture. $6/lb
LAMB We have a couple halves or a whole lamb left from our orders. These lamb were also raised on pasture, organically and only grass fed. $8/lb for whole and $9/lb for a half.  (Cut and wrapped)
PORK – At the end of October we will have pastured pork for sale. Fed only non GMO, no corn and no soy feed. They were also treated to a healthy ration of fruit all summer and fall kindly donated by the community. $7/lb for a whole hog, $8/lb for a half and $9/lb for a quarter.  (Cut and wrapped)
Please call to arrange pick up or make an order 250-358-2484

THE DUCK VARIATIONSa comedy by David Mamet.  A READING by Judith Ceroli & Susie O’Donnell at the Bosun Hall Sunday October 1st at 1.30 pm.  Admission by Donation.  Doors open 1pm.  This little masterpiece is short, so it won’t take up the whole afternoon.  For more information, call Susie @ 358 2162.

TURN UP THE HEAT!  BAKER STREET BLUES BAND, all-ages dance is coming to the Silverton Memorial Hall, Friday, October 20.    Baker Street Blues has quickly become one of the most popular and sought after blues dance bands in the Kootenays.  After nearly 70 shows since the band started only 2 years ago, their irresistible blend of popular blues cover songs mixed in with their originals, has proven to be the perfect formula, guaranteed to provide a great time! This tour promotes their new CD.  They are currently rated the #1 band on the Reverbnation charts locally, #2 regionally, and #5 nationally.   Show time 7:30. Tickets sold at the door only: Adults $15, Youth and kids, $5. Co-sponsored by the Slocan Lake Gallery Society, with support from the BC Arts Council.

New Denver Hospice is extremely grateful to all those wonderful bakers, the volunteers who gave their time to help in the setting up, taking down and running the hospice booth. And to the many volunteers who work so hard to make the garlic festival happen.   Thank You all for your help in this Hospice fundraiser!

Robyn Irwin is returning with another CONTINUUM MOVEMENT INTRO Sunday, October 15th 1-5pm Silverton FireHall (upstairs).  Robyn is a Certified Rebalancer, Clearheart Bodyworker, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, and Continuum Teacher.  For more information re: Robyn: Bird Rate $75 l(if registered by September 27th )  Later Registration $90
CONTINUUM’S BENEFITS:  * Increases vitality, health and healing
* Provides a spacious sense of well-being
* Develops core strength and flexible power
* Revitalizes bones, joints, and skeletal health
* Releases, relaxes and realigns,
much like receiving bodywork
* Heightens sensuality and increases receptivity
* Awakens creativity, innovation and play
* Facilitates trust in one’s inherent body wisdom
* Deepens spiritual connection
* Provides a safe environment for growth and renewal.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY for the Workshop.  We hope to form a core group to ‘practice’ this fall/winter/spring for those with Continuum Experience facilitated by Celesttina Hart.  phone: 250-358-7267  email:

 You’re invited to Harvest Share’s 10th Anniversary Pie Party celebration
Where:  Bosun Hall (710 Bellevue St, New Denver)
When:  Saturday September 30th   Time:  7 pm
Join us for pie and live music
This year Harvest Share is celebrating our 10th anniversary!  Everyone is invited to join us at the Harvest Share Pie Party on Saturday September 30th at 7pm at the Bosun Hall in New Denver.  We will be providing some pies made with local fruit by the talented Sarah Lord, and invite you to make a pie from your backyard fruit to share with the community.  Join us for pie and live music to celebrate the abundance of fruit in our area and everyone that has participated with the project over the last 10 years.    For details contact Bree Lillies, Harvest Share Coordinator: 250-354-8120 or Email:

On Saturday Oct. 14 Harvest Share is hosting a full day composting workshop at the Knox Hall in New Denver, led by Mario Lanthier from CropHealth Advising and Research.  The workshop will teach how proper manipulation of organic matter will make plants healthier.  How do we do it?  Come find out!  We will discuss ideas and recipes you can implement immediately. Topics will include the preparation and testing of compost, the mistakes that lead to poor quality, and the steps to make high quality compost that suppress plant diseases.  This intensive 1-day seminar will be of interest to organic growers, landscapers and avid gardeners.  Participants will learn the differences between “good” compost and “bad” compost and how to use the finished product in different situations.  The afternoon session is hands-on to practice the concepts discussed in the morning. 20$-40$ sliding scale.  Call to register: 250-354-8120

Autumn Tones Concert:  With the arrival of autumn, audiences can enjoy the colourful tones of Kootenay based musicians Martine denBok, Nicola Everton and Sue Gould, in an intimate evening of chamber music, highlighting the rich repertoire for violin/viola, clarinet and piano. The three women are busy professional musicians based in New Denver, Nelson and Golden respectively, but thanks to a grant from the Kootenay Cultural Alliance, have been able to overcome distances to come together this fall for a tour of the East Kootenays.  The trio’s final stop will be at Silverton Memorial Hall.
All three women are active chamber and orchestral musicians in B.C. and Alberta.  Everton was a member of the Vancouver Symphony for over 20 years and now joins Martine denBok, Principal Second Violinist of the Okanagan Symphony. Everton is seen regularly in the Kootenays as a member of the Symphony of the Kootenays, where she performed as the soloist in Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. Enjoying their unique versatility and passion for different musical genres, the trio will offer an extremely varied program that includes works for both violin and its larger cousin the viola, such as the playful French trio by Milhaud and the classic Kegelstatt Trio by Mozart, the rich and colourful trio by Khachaturian and the soulful contemporary Spiegel Im Spiegel (Mirror in Mirror) by minimalist composer Arvo Pärt.
come to Memorial Hall to get your October started with an evening of beautiful Autumn Tones, Monday Oct. 2 at 7pm. Admission by donation. A light reception offered at the break.

Bellyfit is happening on Tuesdays AND Thursdays at 9:45 am at the Health Centre gym, New Denver.  Dates:  Sept. 28, Oct. 3, 5, 10, 12, 18, 19, 24, 26.  Drop-in fee $15.
Nicole Weimer  250-878-6379

DEATH CAFÉ:   Sunday October 29th, 2 to 4pm, Knox Hall, New Denver.
Death Café is a facilitated conversation about death, dying and living fully—a conversation that starts with your questions. Please join us on a journey of exploration and discovery through the territory where tenderness, heart break, love, fear and gratitude live side by side.  Refreshments provided. Limited space (20); please register by emailing  Sponsored by New Denver Hospice and WIDE SPOT.

Stone Carving – Workshop #1- Sunday, Oct. 1 – Monday, Oct. 2,   9 – 5 pm
Potluck lunch noon – 1 pm
Workshop #2 – Tuesday, Oct. 3 – Wednesday, Oct. 4,  9 – 5 pm
Potluck lunch noon – 1 pm
Frank Bitonti provides all the materials, stone, tools and instruction for the workshops. Each two day session is $150 per person, please bring a potluck lunch item for a break mid-day. I usually provide a soup for the lunch. Frank is asking that we pay $1 per pound for the stone this time… this is less than what he pays for the stone.
Frank also provides safety glasses, masks and gloves but you may want to bring your own gear. I wear my gardening gloves since they fit me well and have a good grip and I have my own safety glasses and mask. Please wear clothes that are layered, comfortable and not too loose fitting. We will be working with power tools for part of the day and loose clothes can cause accidents! Hoping the weather is good since we will also be working outside. We will utilize the car port and have an awning just in case of rain.   Maximum of 6 people per workshop.
Please email if you are interested!

Seems like there is enough going on that I made a list. 

Wed., Sept. 27,  9:00 am – 1:30 pm Harvest Festival happens at Lucerne School
Sat. Sept. 30, 7pm   Harvest Share’s 10th Anniversary Pie Party celebration Bosun Hall
Sun. Oct. 1 – 4 – Stone carving – see above
Sunday Oct. 1, 1.30 pm Duck Variations: Bosun Hall
Monday, Oct. 2, 7 pm Silverton Memorial Hall, – Autumn Tones concert – chamber music
Saturday Oct. 14 Harvest Share is hosting a full day composting workshop at the Knox Hall
Sunday, Oct.15th 1-5pm Silverton FireHall (upstairs) Continuum Movement intro.
Friday, Oct. 20, 7:30 pm, Silverton Memorial Hall, doors open 7 pm – Baker Street Blues Band
Sunday October 29, 2 to 4 pm, DEATH CAFÉ:   Knox Hall,

Not going to publish Dates, Times, etc.     Next deadline Sunday, October 8

One sweet moment in Newfoundland.  I was sitting in a windowed corner in a hotel looking over the harbour in St. John’s when I heard a conversation somewhere behind me from people I couldn’t see:  (woman’s voice)  “good morning – it is a good morning isn’t it?”  (man’s voice) ”Any morning when I’m on this side of the dirt I consider to be a good morning”.  And I loved their accents.

Another sweet moment:  we found, too late, having just eaten lunch and had a typically bad coffee, this tiny place that was hosted by a lovely young woman who said they had good coffee.  It wasn’t a café – there were comfortable chairs on a deck out back right on the water.  We returned the next day for that coffee, which was good, and sat in the sun close to the water.  Ahhhhh.  We had quite a few days without sun, so it was an especially delicious moment.   wh