February 14, 2017


BE KIND TO ME!  If I had kept the formatting that many emails arrived on my computer with, this would be a book.  There are not enough donations to publish a newsletter of posters.  I know that when you compose your emails you think about how it will look so that it is easy to read, etc.  Rather like a poster.  But this is the 358-Exchange and it has looked like it does for about 44 years.  My apologies for grumpiness, but I have this new computer and it messes with my head.  This morning I am impatient with all the “delete, shift/enter” I had to do.  And changing the colour only makes that text lighter because, as you may have noticed, I only have a black and white printer.  So I then change the colour so it won’t be lighter, and often I will bold it so you get what you want.  It hasn’t worked in the past to make a general request to give me formatting like you see in the 358, but I’m going to try again.  Please don’t feel bad about being chastised, but please pay attention to what this document looks like and give me as close to the same as possible.  Thanks in advance!!  Wh

Looking for 135 cm cross country skis with sns profil bindings  Jeanne,  8-7230

RENTAL SPACES available at Hand and Soul Building in Silverton.  One office space upstairs ($150 plus utilities) available for private business. Downstairs at Hand and Soul Wellness Centre we have beautiful healing spaces available for subletting on an “as needed” or regular basis. Our large main space is available for gatherings, classes and workshops.  Kitchenette available. We invite business people and health practitioners to come and check us out. Call Sue at 250-358-2177 for details.

Rutabagas is offering Udo’s Oil Omega fatty acid blend, with fatty acid 3+6+9. Liquid  or capsules. Omega Fatty Acids are found in oils from plants & fish. They are important for all systems of the body to function normally, including your skin, respiratory system, circulatory system, brain and organs.
Seniors Drop-in Program Hosts Computer basics with Andrea Kosling.
What computer skills would you like to learn??? Word Processing (e.g Word), Spreadsheets (e.g Excel), Email, Skype, Privacy & Downloading…Topics will be determined by the participants. February 21 – March 21, Tuesdays at Silverton Memorial Hall, 10 am – noon.  $0 – $57.  Drop in to register at 10 am.

The Silvery Slocan Historical Society invites you to join us this Sunday, Feb. 19, 7 pm, at Knox Hall as we Mark BC Heritage Week with local historian and author Art Joyce’s presentation of “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Chinese in West Kootenay.”   It’s a rare insight into an aspect of regional history almost buried beneath the sands of time and the tides of racism. For generations few local historians acknowledged their role here, yet Nelson had its own bustling Chinatown, and there were also Chinese communities in Kaslo, Rossland, and – briefly – the Slocan Valley. Joyce explores both the sociological and historical ramifications of how minority groups can slip beneath the radar of the official record.
Admission is by donation, and refreshments will be provided. The Silvery Slocan Historical Society would like to thank Columbia Basin Trust for their support in making this event possible.

Sarah, Mark, and Sequoia Jeffreys are seeking a furnished summer rental in the Slocan from the second week of May through the second week of August this summer. Ideally, we would like to rent a place in New Denver or Silverton, close to the lake, but as in past summers, we are open to possibilities from Red Mtn Rd up to Hills. Please contact us, by email at markjeffreys@yahoo.comor by phone at (801) 910-1532, if you have or know of an availability suitable for two adults and a little girl. We look forward to being back!

RAVEN’S NEST – Planet Conscious Clothing, Woolen Blankets, Books & Gifts
A book new to our shelves is “Sideways: Memoir of a Misfit,” the story of Nelson author Diana Morita Cole’s life that begins with her birth in an Idaho internment camp during World War II. Following their release she and her family settled in Chicago, where Diana met prominent Nikkei including Iva Toguri, who became known during the war as “Tokyo Rose” and who was later wrongfully imprisoned by the US.
This from the back cover: “Lying sideways in her mother’s womb, Diana overhears the Minidoka prison doctor speculate that her 44-year-old mother may not survive childbirth. In response, Diana flips over in utero, thereby saving her mother’s life. Her genius to survive obstacles and dire outcomes is what makes ‘Sideways: Memoir of a Misfit’ an intriguing tale of fresh twists and ironic triumphs.”
Last week we had a mini-run on those beautifully-coloured, hand woven baskets from Ghana’s Baba Tree Basket Company, yet there remains a nice selection. These fair trade baskets come in different sizes and designs, from shopping and beach baskets, to bicycle baskets. Baba Tree weavers are paid fairly and their proceeds support communities in one of the world’s more disadvantaged areas.
Open Thursday to Saturday, 11 am to 4 pm. Closed Sunday through Wednesday. Contact us at 358.2178 or visit us on Facebook.

Have a creative idea for a CKCA Art, Culture, & Heritage Grant  (Program 1 & 2)?  For more information, visit www.basinculture.com or pick up an application &  brochure at 202 Lake Ave, Silverton (in an envelope outside of Hand & Soul Wellness Center). DEADLINE:     March 3 , 2017 (no late applications are accepted) Mail:  SLGS- Box 123 Silverton, BC  V0G2B0  or  Drop off in person at Hand & Soul Wellness Center to Sue Mistretta* (Local arts council administrator) by 5pm on March 3!   (202 Lake Ave Silverton (250-777-1704))*Sue is available to answer any questions or to review an application up to the day before the deadline (March 3).  NO REVIEWS ON MARCH 3.  SPONSORED BY SLOCAN LAKE GALLERY SOCIETY (Local Arts Council) & CKCA & CBT  

Looking for booster seats for the Abukar family flying in from Nairobi, Kenya, arriving Castlegar February 23 if the plane can land.  We will need maybe two for Monday the 27th to take the familyto Nelson to do paper work.  If you would like to donate or loan, call wendy at 358-7792


                                                            Time To Remember
Are you worried that you’re losing your memory? Do you want your children and grandchildren to know who you are and were in the past?

Write a memoir!

We are offering a second season of four weekly memoir writing workshops in which you’ll become acquainted with the rudiments of the craft and the ways you can make your stories speak to those whom you would like to reach. You will learn how to structure your narratives to make them interesting and can engage the reader in a way that will trigger and even create memories in her or him as they read yours.

The workshops will run March 2, 9, 16 and 23rd  from 1 to 3 o’clock in the New Denver Hidden Garden Gallery.

The workshop will be led by Norbert Ruebsaat who has been writing memoirs for forty-odd years and has published them in books, numerous magazines, newspapers, radio documentaries, and internet websites. He has worked for many years as a journalist, editor and radio broadcaster and radio program director, and has recently retired after thirty years of teaching Communication and Media Studies at Simon Fraser University and Columbia College in Vancouver.

His recent stories and other writings can be read at www.dooneyscafe.com and www.geist.com


Next movies at the Hidden Garden Gallery

February 17, 7:30 pm  Koneline (1916 Documentary)KONELINE: our land beautiful is a sensual, cinematic celebration of northwestern British Columbia, and all the dreamers who move across it. Some hunt on the land. Some mine it. They all love it. Set deep in the traditional territory of the Tahltan First Nation, KONELINE captures beauty and complexity as one of Canada’s vast wildernesses undergoes irrevocable change. An art film with politics, drama, and humour, KONELINE: our land beautiful explores different ways of seeing-and being. A guide outfitter swims her horses across the vast Stikine River. The world’s biggest chopper flies 16,000-pound transmission towers over mountaintops. KONELINE’s characters delight while smashing stereotypes: white hunters carry bows and arrows; members of the Tahltan First Nation hunt out of a pickup with high-powered rifles. There are diamond drillers-both Native and white-and elders who blockade them. There’s a Tahltan son struggling to preserve a dying language, and a white guy who sings “North to Alaska ” as his stuffed moose gazes on. KONELINE: our land beautiful does not lecture; it surprises with cinematic action and visual poetry. It is a bold experimental film from some of Canada’s leading documentary artists.

February 24, 7:30 pm Sunshine State (2002, drama, romance) Real estate developers descend upon a sleepy coastal Florida community with the promise of big money and bigger changes. Torn between honoring family obligations and the lure of quick cash, the locals greet the outsiders with a wildly mixed reception. Marly Temple is eager to give in and sell the family business to start over her life. As caretaker of her father’s motel and cafe, she has grown resentful of missed opportunities. However, she finds a glimmer of hope in a tentative romance with a visiting landscape architect. Desiree Perry left town many years ago to escape a scandal and make a name for herself as an actress. Reluctantly returning home, she finds her strong willed mother unwilling to let go of the past.

 THE VILLAGE HEARTH IS NOW OPEN FOR SUNDAY BRUNCH 10AM-2PM! Try Chef Sarah’s scrumptious brunch menu, which includes eggs benny, waffles, “The Traditional” breakfast, the “Ham and Egg Muffin” (English muffin with egg, pork and lettuce), the Kootenay Bliss Burger, and soup. Pay What You Can in February! 250-358-2449.

 THE VILLAGE HEARTH FARM-TO-TABLE RESTAURANT – FEBRUARY IS LOCALS’ MONTH at The Hearth. Come spend some time with us while we try some new things. GAMES TABLE: Looking for a place to hang out in the evening with friends? Come play some games at our games table over a drink and a bite to eat.
Order what you like, and pay what you can! You can make a donation that’s fair to your budget, or you can pay it forward and help someone else have a meal at The Hearth. The Pay What You Can option is offered on everything in February except alcoholic beverages and the Valentine’s dinner.
Sat, Feb 18 –  Primeval: Enter the Incomappleux
From award-winning documentary filmmaker Damien Gillis (Fractured Land, Oil in Eden) and Valhalla Wilderness Society comes a new film of breathtaking beauty, Primeval: Enter the Incomappleux.
Filmed on location deep in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains, this 20-minute documentary is the story of the majesty, magic and endurance of one of the world’s last truly intact temperate rainforests – the incomparable Incomappleux.
Following an expedition of conservationists, biologists and wilderness explorers, Gillis documents the nature and history of this unique place – replete with 2,000-year-old trees and rare lichens – along with a plan to preserve it through a new provincial or Canadian park, the Selkirk Mountain Caribou Park Proposal.
Sat, Feb 25 – A New Economy
What if working together for the good of all was the most common business model? Watch, as several organizations strive towards building a more cooperative future. By putting humanity before the bottom line, they are finding their place in an economy previously dominated by profits and big business.
WINTER HOURS – Friday, Saturday 5-8pm    Sunday Brunch 10am-2pm     250-358-2449

Everyone is invited to the AGM for the Lucerne Assoc. for Community Education (LACE) to be held at the Bosun Hall on Sunday, Feb 19 at 3 pm. The AGM will consist of election of officers as well as financial and annual reports. The AGM will be followed with a regular meeting ; topics will include upgraded constitution and bylaws, Donation Store, Bosun Hall, membership drive and more. Everyone is welcome! See you there!

Join me- Sue Mistretta, M.A., in my SOULGARDEN Studio and explore mind/body healing or find balance and direction using expressive arts processes including painting with acrylics, oil pastels, clay, mask making, collage, creative writing, movement and sound.  Working with our images that emerge through creative processes provide powerful opportunities for listening more deeply to ourselves, finding compassion, and discovering new perspectives within challenging situations.
A small group (maximum of 6) form a circle of healing, safety, and confidentiality and you will have the opportunity to work on your own personal area of focus whether it involves a physical health issue, emotional, transitional or spiritual challenge.  I work within an empowering Wellness Model with my clients and I focus on helping you to access or re-discover your unique inner resources.  The 3-hr sessions include ample time for you to create and express as well as time for group sharing & support.  The focus is always on your process rather than the product so artistic experience is NOT required, only your willingness to explore.             Cont’d next page
Create your Mandala  (1 Day Workshop)       SATURDAY, MAR 4   (1-4pm)     $25
In this expressive arts workshop we will create a healing circle and work with the process of making individual mandalas (circle art) using acrylic paint and oil pastels.  I introduce simple focusing processes to allow participants to set intentions for healing as well as stimulating natural imagery to come forth through the art.
Healing Thru Art & Imagery (3 wk series) SAT:  MAR 11,18,& 25 (1-4pm) $75
($70 pd by March 5)The session format for the 3 week series is similar as described above but you will have the opportunity to go deeper into your processes and build a stronger connection as a group.  A wider variety of media and many stimulating expressive arts processes will be used in the 3 sessions.  Registrants are expected to commit to all 3 sessions in this series.

Sue Mistretta holds a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology and extensive training & experience in Expressive Arts.  She has been facilitating workshops and working with individuals since 1997. Workshops are held at Hand and Soul Wellness Centre at 202 Lake Ave. Silverton, B.C.   To REGISTER IN ADVANCE or obtain more information, please call 250-358-2177 or email soulgarden58@gmail.com  Visit www.handandsoul.ca

 I lost an email – I don’t understand how I can just disappear things by accidently hitting some wrong key – It was  about a found Swiss Army knife on a trail somewhere and you were supposed to phone Eric Faulks if you think it is yours.  358-2463

Have all this room left after bitching about things taking up too much space!  The nature of this document is changing and maybe I’m going to have to change somehow with it……

I went to the information meeting at the Bosun Hall regarding the condition of the hall (and Knox Hall, which also needs work). There is a request by the Village Office for feedback on what people would like to see happen.  I don’t envy the Village Council for having to make a decision on this matter and would like to encourage people to give them feedback.  They have developed a form for feedback from residents which you can get at the Village Office or the Donation Store, or you can go online,  which I just did.  I couldn’t find it, so called a friend who I thought might know, but she hadn’t been able to find it either.  However, as often happens, you ask someone else and in the process you find it yourself.

Here’s how to find it online:  Go to The Village of New Denver, Home page.  On that you will see “Call for Public Input”.  Click on that and there is a paragraph “Feedback Requested”.  The last line says “Please download the feedback form here and return it to the Village Office”.  I couldn’t figure out where the “here” was, but when talking to my friend I put the cursor on the word “here” and there it was – an underline appeared with the hand that tells you this will take you somewhere.  It actually is a different colour but I couldn’t see that, it was so subtle.  I’ll call and ask them to make it more obvious.  Click on “here” and voila, the form comes up.  You can make your comments on it and send it off.  Deadline is February 28.  Don’t think that’s a long way away and forget about it.  Maybe you’ve noticed how fast the days of the calendar go by.

Giving feedback is what democracy is based on, isn’t it?  Let’s feed the democratic process and do that little bit.  I think south of the border just lost theirs.  Although the cynical would say we really don’t have it.  However, if people actually did give the feedback………?  of course not everyone will get what they want.

Can’t leave without mentioning the weather.  It’s the strangest thing:  Environment Canada predicted clouds and 60% chance of snow or rain for Saturday , 30% Sunday.  This (Monday as well as yesterday) is the kind of rain and cloud I like to see and feel.   mmmmmmm

:  Annex of Health Care Centre (where the Red Cross is) Fridays, 7 – 8 pm  Call 358-7158 for more info

AL-ANON  Thursdays, 7 pm, New Denver Health Care Centre Annex  –  info:  358-7904;

BOOKKEEPING SERVICE:  Judy Flaherty, (780) 897-3663.  Paul Merrifield 358-6806 wk / 250-505-9748 cel        pauljmerrifield@gmail.com

BUS:  Nakusp Regional Transit System – Bookings:  1-877-843-2877

BUSINESS COUNSELLING/TRAINING/LOANS and the Self Employment Program – local Community Futures reps –  leave  message at 265-3674 ext. 201 or email Nakusp@futures.bc.ca

CARPENTER CREEK LAST WISHES –Gloria 358-2253  Carolyn 3587-760  Kay 358-7991
CHIROPRACTIC with Dr. Larry Zaleski, Mon & Fri   358-2177

CLEANING SERVICE:  Carolina: linagritco@gmail.com or 250 505 6944

COMMUNITY WEBSITE:  www.community-connect.ca.

COMPUTERS:  WEtalkTECH.ca – Fixing all things electronic.  Jeff @ 358-2645

HOSPICE SOCIETY, 250 358 7828, PO Box 217, ND, newdenverhospice@yahoo.cawww.newdenverhospice.ca

HOSPITAL AUXILIARY meet 2 pm 1st wed. of the month, Health Care Centre.  for more info, 358-2653

LIBRARY/READING CENTRE:  Wed. 7-9 pm.  Tues.&Thurs1-4 pm. 358-2221 – ndreadingcentre@yahoo.ca

PALS:  Nakusp:  265- 3792     RIDESHARE: Give a ride, get a ride, move your stuff. kootenayrideshare.com

ROOFING CONTRACTOR – Willy Molloy, (250) 358-7967

ROSEBERY TRANSFER Wed. & Sat., 9:00 am – 3:00 pm – gate shuts at 3:00 pm

SENIORS:  Knox Hall, Fridays @ 1:00 pm


SLOCAN LAKE  GALLERY SOCIETY:  (the local arts council)  www.silvertongallery.ca
ANTHONY’S CATHOLIC CHURCH: Mass times: 12:30 every Sunday
SOULGARDEN COUNSELLING SERVICES:  Individual & Online counselling sessions provided in Silverton and Winlaw.  Sue Mistretta, M.A. (8-2177) www.handandsoul.ca

YOGA Silverton Fire Hall (upstairs) Monday  9 – 10:15 & Thursday  4 – 5:15 pm.  Madeleine 8-2475

ZION UNITED CHURCH, Church meets in homes in Silverton and New Denver at 10 a.m.     For information call 7908, 7973, or 2415.  All are welcome